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    AMOS-17 Satellite Ka-band
    for Africa

    High Capacity Steerable and Fixed Beams for data and governmental services

    spacecom ka beam

    Using four independently steerable beams that can be pointed anywhere in the visible earth, customers can now provide high throughput anywhere needed in EMEA, going as far as China and India in the east, and Brazil in the west.

    AMOS-17 Ka-band customers can control and steer their own beams anytime.

    With over 1GHz per beam, support for both Commercial & Mil Ka-bands, and flexible allocation of resources between beams, AMOS-17 Ka-band Customers can best match services profiles (for example – large IP-trunking stations and very small mobile terminals) with capacity and performance for best in class TCO.

    Multiple Steerable and Fixed Beams

    EIRP at beam peak > 62 dBW
    G/T at beam peak > 17 dB/K
    Uplink frequencies  27.5 to 31.0 Ghz;
    Downlink frequencies: 17.7 to 21.2 GHz
    Uplink polarization : LHCP and RHCP
    Downlink polarization : LHCP and RHCP



    How can we help you?

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