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    Spacecom is committed to conducting business ethically, honestly and with integrity. Spacecom strives to secure its business based on the quality and competitiveness of its offerings. As part of its code of ethics, Spacecom is strongly opposed to corruption in all forms and has zero tolerance of corruption. Spacecom expects its directors, officers, employees and business partners to conduct themselves accordingly.

    Spacecom’s leadership is committed to the effective implementation of policies within the organization to prevent, detect and appropriately respond to the risk of bribery and corruption.

    Spacecom’s commitment to ensuring a corruption-free environment includes:


    Robust internal policies

    We have created policies that detail the behavior expected in order to prevent corruption. We communicate our policies to employees and business partners and ensure that they understand the behavior we expect. Compliance is a company-wide effort and responsibility.



    We regularly assess our environment and risk in order to insure we take appropriate, risk-based measures to prevent corruption. We also strive for continuous improvement of our practices, and we regularly update our policies.


    Transparent books and records

    We maintain accurate and transparent books and records.


    Due diligence and monitoring of business partners

    We engage with business partners after conducting a risk-based due diligence, and continue to monitor their behavior as necessary to ensure it aligns with the undertakings provided to us.



    We conduct live training for employees and for selected business partners, alongside our written communication and training videos. We take a hands-on approach to ensuring that our policies are well understood.


    Detection and response

    Suspected violations will not be ignored, and no employee will be penalized in any way for raising concerns.



    For more information about our anti-corruption compliance program see: Spacecom compliance extract.pdf
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    How can we help you?

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