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    Broadband Satellite Services

    Providing the highest bit-rate two-way communications over a wide coverage area, AMOS is the ideal platform for telecommunications carriers and service providers who offer high speed voice, data and video transmission.

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    Broadcast Satellite Services

    AMOS satellites have been providing high-quality video distribution and contribution services to DTH broadcasters and TV channels for over a decade. Through ongoing growth, Spacecom continues to provide new and advanced services.

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    Government Networks

    As bandwidth requirements grow and net-centric operations are rapidly increasing, The AMOS satellite fleet provides secure, flexible and dependable connectivity solutions for government organizations and agencies with regional or global presence.

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    Cross-Region Connectivity Services

    Recognized for its superior performance across a wide coverage area, the AMOS fleet provides Pan-European, Pan-African, Middle Eastern and Asian coverage, as well as connectivity between Africa and Europe.

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    African policymakers, Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Spacecom and International tech leaders discussed national communication solutions for off-grid communities at the CommuNicATION Africa 2021 conference

    24.02.2021 | Amos Press Releases

    Abraham Accords ‘Internet for Africa’ Initiative : Spacecom (Israel), Yahsat (UAE) & Geeks Without Frontiers Seek to Deliver Humanitarian Satellite Services During COVID Crisis

    09.12.2020 | Amos Press Releases

    Interview with Mr. Andrew Byers in Talk Satellite

    14.10.2020 | http://talksatellite.com/AndrewByers.MP3

    AMOS by Spacecom: Satellite Communications & Satellite Solutions Company

    Spacecom operates the advanced AMOS satellite fleet. Through a global network of partners, our satellite company provides high-quality broadcast, data and communication services
    across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Its partners include direct-to-home (DTH) operators, broadcasters, Internet service providers (ISPs), telecom operators, network integrators
    and government agencies. Spacecom operates the AMOS satellites at three orbital slots, 4°W, 65°E & 17°E. With the addition of AMOS-17 scheduled for launch early 2019 to 17°E, Spacecom reinforces its position as a leading satellite operator.