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    Dan Zajicek, CEO

    Since the launch of our very first satellite, AMOS-1 in 1996, Spacecom has maintained the same set of values, always striving for the stars.

    Over the years, through innovation and commitment to customer service, Spacecom has managed to change the way customers think about satellite communications, and between 2003 and 2013 launched AMOS-2, 3 and 4, extending our reach, capacity, capabilities and service offerings. Today Spacecom is a satellite services provider operating a fleet of advanced satellites at multiple orbital locations, and serving customers across the globe.

    Our strategy for continued growth includes acquiring additional orbital positions, initiating partnerships and joint ventures in new satellite projects, and continuing to develop and advance our technology, services and capabilities.

    Spacecom’s top priority has always been, and remains, to provide high quality satellite communications services. We are acutely aware that our services are enjoyed and relied upon by millions of people and businesses across the world. That is why our experienced professional team is dedicated to delivering reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions that will support our customers today and into the future.




    How can we help you?

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