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    Broadcast Satellite Services

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    Broadcast Satellite Services

    AMOS satellites have been providing high-quality video distribution and contribution services to DTH broadcasters and TV channels for over a decade, and through continual growth the AMOS satellite fleet continues to provide new and advanced satellite broadcast services.

    The fleet’s high power satellite transponders offer flexible coverage and enable the reception of video broadcasts using small satellite dishes (60-70 cm). This makes AMOS the ideal platform for DTH TV, as well as TV and audio channel distribution to cable head-ends.

    Broadcast Satellite Services Include:

    • DTH and TV / audio origination & distribution
    • Major presence at 4°W orbital “hot spot”, with redundancy & backup capabilities
    • Encryption services
    • Satellite News Gathering (SNG)
    • Packaging and up-linking video signals, in cooperation with our global partners
    • Retransmission of TV channels
    • Satellite broadcasting of TV programs directly to millions of households


    How can we help you?

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