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    Click on the documents below for general specifications, technical parameters and footprint details for the AMOS satellite constellation.

    Around the spring and autumn equinoxes, the sun crosses the equator and traces an arc that is directly behind the geo-arc of satellites. A solar or sun transit outage is an electromagnetic phenomenon where a station downlink is temporarily unable to receive a satellite signal due to interference from the sun as it passes behind the satellite.

    Solar outages occur on a predictable schedule, may last several minutes each day, and last longer the smaller the antenna is. Outages will occur at roughly the same time each day and may repeat on a daily basis for a week or more during the season.

    This section provides calculated data on Solar Outages for the AMOS satellites platform. The solar outage prediction charts give specific dates for geographical locations, broken down by city and country.

    For basic explanation of the Solar Outages phenomena and solar outages risks data for the upcoming seasons, please note and download the following



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