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    Get SAT Extends U.S. Government Contract with Spacecom for a Multi-Million Dollar SATCOM On-the-Move Project, Demonstrating Customer Trust and Satisfaction


    Get SAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, today announced the extension of its contract with Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC), the satellite services provider and owner-operator of the AMOS satellite fleet and in support of a U.S. Government communications On-The-Move program. This extension highlights Spacecom’s high-performance characteristics following a long evaluation process involving multiple solutions and the exceptional performance and reliability of Get SAT’s terminals and the continued vote of trust from our customers.

    The original multi-million-dollar contract, awarded in April 2022, enabled Get SAT to provide its advanced satellite communication terminals for the project’s network requirements, leveraging the capabilities of Spacecom’s AMOS-17 HTS satellite. Following a rigorous evaluation process, Get SAT’s off-the-shelf High-Throughput terminals were selected for their industry-leading performance characteristics, offering unparalleled adaptability for multiple military mission profiles.

    AMOS-17, renowned as the most advanced HTS satellite serving Europe and Africa, was chosen for its optimal performance by Get SAT. The combination of AMOS-17’s capabilities and Get SAT’s terminals provide superior performance in satellite communications, offering flexible solutions and competitive advantages to customers in aviation, marine, and land-on-the-move markets.

    The contract extension exemplifies Spacecom’s and Get SAT’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge satellite communication solutions and their ability to meet the evolving needs of the industry. This achievement underscores the trust of the US customers and validates both companies’ positions as innovative and reliable providers in the satellite communication domain.

    Get SAT and Spacecom offer their customers a comprehensive “Satcom-as-a-service” package, further enhancing the value and convenience of the companies’ solutions. With this service-oriented approach, customers can leverage the companies’ expertise and infrastructure to access satellite communication capabilities. By providing end-to-end support, including terminal deployment, network management, and ongoing maintenance, Get SAT and Spacecom ensure that customers can focus on their core operations while enjoying reliable and efficient satellite communication services. This “Satcom-as-a-service” package underscores Get SAT’s and Spacecom’s commitment to delivering a holistic and effortless experience, empowering customers to stay connected and maintain productivity in the most challenging environments.

    According to Spacecom CEO Dan Zajicek, Amos-17 cutting-edge, fully digital High Throughput Satellite (HTS) features innovative capabilities, empowering Spacecom to offer flexible and distinctive connectivity solutions.
    “Collaborating with GetSat’s ground equipment ensures optimal performance, delivering unmatched value to the government sector. This agreement represents another significant step in expanding our presence in this Industry”

    “Extending our contract with Spacecom stands as a testament to the mutual trust, innovation, and determination that characterizes our collaboration,” said Kfir Benjamin, CEO of Get SAT. “The U.S. Government’s choice to rely on our combined capabilities reflects not only the excellence of our cutting-edge satellite terminals but also the collective efforts of both Get SAT and Spacecom teams. We remain committed to pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the SATCOM domain and are proud to play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless connectivity for our customers, no matter where they are.”



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