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    Spacecom and Gilat Telecom join forces to improve satellite services in Africa providing advanced connectivity and SD WAN solutions for telecom customers


    Tel Aviv – 3 August 2020: Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC), operator of the AMOS satellites fleet, and Gilat Telecom,  a connectivity service provider,  today announced that they have partnered to develop a faster, more reliable and more cost-effective satellite service for organisations of all sizes across Africa.

    The service uses Spacecom’s AMOS-17 fully digital and advanced High Throughput Satellite (HTS), on both C and Ku band and Gilat Telecom’s unique SD-WAN MAX technology. It is available immediately and can be used for home and office connectivity including video conferences, e-health applications, e-learning, e-education, etc.

    The biggest benefits from this cooperation for African MNOs and ISPs are:

    • CAPEX savings: Spacecom’s AMOS-17’s HTS fully digital payload enables Cross-Connection between all beam and all bands enabling the use of the existing equipment that can be also set-up remotely by the end customers (on existing or new terminals)
    • Higher throughput at reduced operational costs: using Gilat Telecom’s intelligent routing, capacity can be expanded by up to 20% (the equivalent of 6 Mbit/s can be achieved from a 5 Mbit/s downlink).
    • Smart traffic management: Gilat Telecom’s SD-WAN enables service providers and MNOs to centrally control the route that both satellite and fiber traffic takes to and from the customer.  It enables different applications – voice, streaming, caching (Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft cloud services etc.) – to be identified with automatic prioritisation, according to the customer’s needs and demands.

    Mr. Ofer Asif, SVP BizDev and Marketing at Spacecom said today, “This partnership enables us to boost the services offered to customers along with fast returns on investments to these growing markets. We are sure this fruitful cooperation will lead us to many great business opportunities in Africa, and invite all to gain great value from this unique collaboration and join us today!”

    Mr. Amir Cohen, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Gilat Telecom also said, “We are an innovative company always focused on how we can improve the service we provide to our customers. Our partnership with Spacecom demonstrates how we work across the ecosystem to drive down costs and improve capacity”.

    About Spacecom

    Spacecom’s AMOS-17 fully digital HTS satellite supports a variety of broadcast, broadband and data services from its 17˚E orbital slot. The satellite provides high throughput (HTS) African coverage in C-band, global steerable coverage in Ka-band, and extensive Ku-band coverage over Africa. The satellite’s digital processing capabilities allow maximal service architecture flexibility, including full cross-beam and cross-band connectivity that maximize throughput and spectral efficiency.

    Spacecom (Space-Communication Ltd.), operator of the AMOS-3 and AMOS-7 satellites co-located at 4°W, AMOS-17 located at 17°E and AMOS-4 at 65°E, provides high-quality broadcast and communication services to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia to direct-to-home (DTH) operators, internet service providers (ISPs), telecom operators and MNOs, network integrators and government agencies. AMOS-17 further expands Spacecom’s reach in Africa and Asia, reinforcing its position as a leading multi-regional satellite operator.

    For more information about Spacecom, please visit https://www.amos-spacecom.com/ or contact Spacecom’s Marketing Communications Director Donna Tal on +972 54 6228870 and [email protected]


    About Gilat Telecom

    Gilat Telecom offers satellite and fiber-based connectivity solutions, delivering innovative broadband communication solutions to MNOs, telcos, ISPs, governments, enterprise customers, and organizations in Africa, Asia and South America.

    As a technology-driven company, Gilat Telecom utilizes innovative technologies to provide its customers with the most cost-effective and advanced communication solutions.

    Using its extensive knowledge and experience, Gilat Telecom has developed the SD-WAN MAX solution that uses AI, and machine-learning algorithms to provide maximum stability, data transformation, capacity, and smart steering to provide its customers with advanced connectivity solutions for more capacity and stability tailored to each specific customer.

    For more information about Gilat Telecom, please visit www.gilat.net  or contact Gilat’s PR rep Bridget Fishleigh on +44 7946 342 903 and [email protected]






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