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    Southeast Asian Data Services Supplier Takes All Ku-band Capacity on Spacecom’s AMOS-4


    Multi-Year Deal Valued at US $77 Million
    Tel Aviv: November 5, 2013–Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC), the operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, today announced that a Southeast Asian data services provider has contracted for all Ku-band capacity on the recently launched AMOS-4 satellite. Pursuant to this new contract, the data provider will use AMOS-4’s full complement of four (4) transponders to provide VSAT, mobile backhaul, maritime and other services to its customers throughout the region.

    AMOS-4 will soon begin commercial operations at 65°E, its designated permanent service location.

    Spacecom President and CEO David Pollack stated, “This long-term contract for AMOS-4 exemplifies the growth of the AMOS brand around the world. Southeast Asia is a new market for Spacecom, and with the debut of AMOS-4 in the region, we are looking to continue our tradition of providing top quality satellite solutions, primarily for emerging markets.”

    “This is an excellent way to begin our Southeast Asian AMOS brand penetration and operation,” said Eyal Copitt, Spacecom’s senior vice president of sales for Africa, Asia and marketing. “By taking advantage of AMOS-4’s full Ku-band capacity, our customer is ensuring that its service offerings will make an important mark on its marketplace. With superior satellite coverage and services, AMOS-4 will enable us to continue becoming a stronger multi-regional satellite operator.”

    AMOS-4 has Ku-band and high power Ka-band transponders with steerable beams. These Ku and Ka transponders create a powerful platform, enabling a wide range of cross-region, cross-band and cross-beam connectivity options to reach the vast urban and rural areas of these regions. AMOS-4 provides extensive traditional and next-generation broadcast, emerging interactive, mobile and broadband reach for satellite services, including Direct-To-Home (DTH), video distribution, VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) communications and broadband Internet.

    About Spacecom:
    Spacecom (Space-Communication Ltd.), operator of the AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 satellites co-located at 4°W, AMOS-5 located at 17°E, and AMOS-4 currently located at 67.25°W, provides high-quality broadcast and communication services to Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. East Coast, Africa, Russia and Southeast Asia via direct-to-home (DTH) and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), telecom operators, network integrators and government agencies.

    The company’s planned launch of AMOS-6 in 2015 with extended coverage over Europe and the Middle East will further enhance its position as an emerging global satellite operator.

    For more information, please visit: http://www.amos-spacecom.com/
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