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    Spacecom is proud to provide satellite coverage to Mali via our AMOS satellite fleet. As an innovative telecom satellite company, we offer tailored, end-to-end telecommunication solutions to Mali’s media and broadband industries with innovative broadcast and broadband satellite service technologies allowing for cross-region connectivity. Our industry experience boasts itself with our cutting edge design and operations. Our priority is to provide reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions to our customers in order to bring our satellite technology to Mali as simply and seamlessly as possible. 

    We provide uplink services, playout centers to content management, STBs, decoding, CAS and encryption services to design the ideal communication package to suit the specific need in Mali’s market and build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Our vertical solutions department can also become a trusted advisor to Mali’s area and region by extending the product portfolio beyond AMOS satellite operator services. Our existing satellite solutions include Cellular Backhauling (CBH), Business Continuity, Distance Learning, IP Trunking, Elections, Wi-Fi Community, DTT Distribution, Private Satellite Networks for Corporations, Broadband Satellite Services, Satellite Teleport Services, E-Medicine, and Energy Solutions. Any one (or more) of these services can be brought to Mali using either the AMOS 7 or AMOS 17 satellites. Feel free to explore our Mali satellite map to get more detailed geographical and regional information. For more information, please contact our Sales and Marketing team. 



    How can we help you?

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