Sales and Marketing Team

Sales Europe and North America

Eyal Shemesh Eyal Shemesh
VP Sales
Western Europe

Jehuda Amir Jehuda Amir
VP Sales C.I.S. and Romania
Guy Avrahami

Guy Avrahami
VP Sales Central Europe

Eyal Altshuler Eyal Altshuler
VP Sales Central Eastern Europe

Ido Ginzburg

Ido Ginzburg
VP Sales North America, UK & Nordic

Sales Africa

Jean-Claude (JC) Haddad Jean-Claude (JC) Haddad
VP Sales
West Africa & France

Ido Mor Ido Mor
VP Sales East Africa
Lior Melnik Lior Melnik
VP Sales Southern Africa
Eitan Mesika Eitan Mesika
VP Sales West Africa
Sharon Weissman Burbea Sharon Weissman Burbea
VP Sales French Speaking Africa
Yannick Briand Yannick Briand
VP Sales Central Africa

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Case Studies

KOZHALO Project, Hungaro DigiTel (HDT) Hungary

HungaroDigitel (HDT) is a leading service provider for satellite communications in Central-Eastern Europe. The Hungarian government