By partnering with Spacecom, telecommunications carriers and service providers offering high-speed transmission of data, voice and video traffic can extend the reach of their terrestrial networks to rural areas where terrestrial communications infrastructure is lacking.

Using the AMOS satellite platform, VSAT service providers can deliver a robust, congestion-free broadband service offering to position themselves as an end-to-end communications solutions provider. What’s more, DTH TV providers can complement their broadcasting service offering by adding 2-way broadband connectivity for their customers in remote locations. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using the AMOS satellite constellation can also benefit from bandwidth for IP backbone connectivity

The AMOS satellite platform delivers superior G/T and EIRP over its coverage areas, making it ideally suited for 2-way communications delivering the highest bit-rates to remote locations, where terminals are limited in size, power, and sometimes require mobility.

Spacecom’s dependable and secure satellite service can support any application where deploying a terrestrial network is not cost-effective or where service deployment is time-critical.

Our suite of broadband communications services is ideal for:

  • National and private telecom carriers
  • VSAT service providers
  • ISPs
  • Private enterprise networks
  • Mobile operators
  • Triple-play providers
  • Government entities

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