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Spacecom (TASE: SCC) is a leading global fixed satellites operator, operating the advanced AMOS satellite fleet, currently consisting of  four satellites and more to come in the next two years. AMOS-2 and AMOS-3, co-located at the 4°W "hot spot" orbital position, deliver a wide range of communications and broadcasting services to Europe and the Middle East. AMOS-5, located at the 17° E orbital position, offers a pan-African C-band beam, connecting Europe and the Middle East alongside three Ku-band regional beams, enabling it to be a prime carrier of African traffic in both broadcast and data services. AMOS-4 located at 65° E orbital position, launched in September 2013, enables Spacecom to expand its reach to serve additional markets, including Asia, China and Russia. With the launch of the AMOS-6 satellite in 2015 to the 4°W "hot spot" and additional satellites planned in the next 3 years, Spacecom will strengthen its position as a global satellite operator.
Publicly traded at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Spacecom's controlling shareholder is Eurocom, Israel's largest privately owned communication group, with additional shareholders including Mer Services Group, General Satellite Services Co. (GSSC), The Phoenix Holdings Ltd and Exellence Investments Ltd.
Milestones and Roadmap
May 1996 - AMOS-1, the first satellite operated by Spacecom, was launched and provided geostationary services until mid-2008.
December 2003 - Spacecom launched AMOS-2 to the 4°W orbital slot, where it is expected to provide services through 2016.
April 2008 - AMOS-3 was launched to the 4°W orbital position, broadening Spacecom's service offerings with additional capacity, expanded coverage areas and advanced capabilities, including Ka-band and steerable beams.
December 2011 - AMOS-5, launched to the 17°E orbital location, delivers high-power C-band and Ku-band capacity to the entire African continent, with access to Europe and the Middle East.
2013 - AMOS-4 was successfully launched to the 65°E orbital location. Its steerable Ku-band and Ka-band beams extend Spacecom’s footprint to Asia and Russia. AMOS-4 also includes a Ka-band beam with coverage over China.
Q1 2015 - AMOS-6 is planned for launch, to be co-located at the 4˚W orbital position with AMOS-2 and AMOS-3. It will provide steerable Ku-band with Pan-European and Middle East coverage, and a Ka-band beam for broadband services with coverage in Africa and Europe.
Looking ahead, Spacecom is currently evaluating other international satellite ventures.

Service Offering

Spacecom provides broadcasting and communications services to DTH operators, TV broadcasters and programmers, government and corporate organizations, and VSAT network operators. The AMOS fleet currently offers a 4˚W orbital "hot spot" for the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe, an excellent look angle of 50°-90° all over Africa from the17°E orbital location,  minimizing interference and rain fade impact and robust coverage over Russia and ASIA from the 65˚E orbital spot. 

AMOS satellite transmissions are received by most cable head-ends in Central and Eastern Europe and currently serve DTH platforms carrying more than 400 channels, some of which are HD channels. Major DTH players such as T-Home in Hungary, YES in Israel, Magio-Sat in Slovakia and Xtra TV in Ukraine anchor the fleet. Other value-added services include video, audio and data distribution, broadband Internet via satellite, GSM backhaul, uplink services and end-to-end tailored solutions.

The AMOS superior G/T and EIRP platforms over Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, make the satellite ideally suited for reception of DTH TV with the smallest antennas, as well as for two-way communications delivering the highest bit-rates to remote locations where terminals are limited in size, power, and sometimes require mobility. Additionally, the co-location of the AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 satellites enables back-up capabilities over the Middle East, Europe, and connectivity with the East Coast of the United States.

Answering customer’s demand for solution based services; Spacecom has developed a Hybrid satellite/terrestrial broadband service that uses satellite for the downlink and terrestrial technology for the return link. It is catered to local telecom operators and enables them to meet market demand for high quality and cost-effective broadband services.

 Spacecom’s partners include a variety of leading broadcasters and service providers such as HBO (Central and Eastern Europe), MTV (Ukraine and Adriatic countries), Antenna-Hungaria, HDT and Telespazio (Hungary), U.A. Inter Media Group, IMC and RRT (Ukraine), DRS Technologies (U.S.), Orange France-Telecom (France), Telemedia, Infrasat, WBS, Internet Solutions (Africa) and many others throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


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