Space Communication Ltd. (Spacecom) is publicly traded on TASE: SCC. The company's primary investors include:

  • The Eurocom Group, founded in 1979, is a large privately owned holding company. A privately-owned corporation, Eurocom controls the Eurocom Communications Group which portfolio comprises of holdings in telecommunication services, media industries, satellite services, consumer electronic products, Internet and data companies. The Eurocom communications group of companies includes: Eurocom Digital Communications, a leading supplier of office automation, telecom and consumer electronics for home and business; Eurocom Cellular Communications, the distributor and official representative of Nokia since 1993;; SatLink Communications, providing worldwide satellite services covering Asia, Europe, Middle East & United States; Gilat Satcom, a leading provider of fix and mobile satellite services, and more.
  • Mer Services Group, part of the C. Mer Industries group (TASE: CMER), is an international provider of turnkey solutions for the telecommunications, security and defense industries.
  • General Satellite Services Company (GSSC) is a group of private investors that has been involved in the satellite industry for more than 19 years.
  • The Phoenix Holdings Ltd
  • Exellence Investments Ltd

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