Government Networks

With multi-regional coverage — including Europe, the Middle East the East Coast of the U.S. (via Spacecom’s Atlantic Bridge) and with our future satellite deployments in 2011 and 2012 adding footprints in Africa and Asia — the AMOS satellite constellation offers government organizations and agencies secure, reliable and tailored satellite communications solutions

The exponential growth in bandwidth requirements and the penetration of net-centric operations have made access to satellite capacity a core necessity. For remote government facilities and deployed personnel spread across remote and rural areas, on land, sea or in the air, maintaining open lines of communication with their HQ and ensuring secure and reliable transfer of information is crucial. Reliable, high quality service and rapid deployment are key issues. Establishing dependable disaster recovery and emergency backup infrastructure are also vital.

The AMOS satellite constellation provides flexible, dependable connectivity solutions for government and international organizations with a regional or global presence so they can facilitate access and connectivity between hundreds of locations.

The AMOS constellation’s robust capabilities support:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) interconnection — Interconnecting LANs between the government offices or agencies and their remote branches, such as postal offices, medical institutions etc.
  • Fast deploying VSAT networks — when immediate connectivity is required in applications such as disaster-recovery, addressing first-responders communications needs, military deployment etc.
  • Satellite VPN
  • Secured, congestions-free delivery of video, voice and data applications to remote locations, including videoconference, telephony and fax transmissions
  • High speed secure data transmission
  • Internet applications

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Case Studies

KOZHALO Project, Hungaro DigiTel (HDT) Hungary

HungaroDigitel (HDT) is a leading service provider for satellite communications in Central-Eastern Europe. The Hungarian government