Broadcast Services

The AMOS satellite fleet is the platform of choice for DTH broadcasters and TV programmers of all sizes that provide high-quality video distribution to cable head-ends and contribution services.

The AMOS constellation’s high power transponders offer flexible coverage allocation that is ideally suited for DTH platforms, as well as TV and audio channel distribution to cable head-ends. Additionally, the AMOS satellites enable the reception of video broadcasts using satellite dishes as small as 60 to 70 cm in most of our coverage areas.

Together with our network of partners, we offer a full range of broadcasting services, including:

  • Encryption services using our conditional access platforms
  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG)
  • Packaging and up-linking the video signals with our local and international partners
  • Retransmission of TV channels
  • Broadcasting of TV programs directly to millions of viewers in households equipped with satellite dishes

Additionally, your organization can rely on Spacecom for:


Direct-to-Home (DTH)

The AMOS-2 and the AMOS-3 satellites, co-located at our 4°W orbital “hot-spot” feature high-power transponders and mutual back-up capabilities that enable high quality Direct-To-Home (DTH) digital TV services for multi-channel platforms in Europe and the Middle-East.



TV and Audio Distribution

The AMOS satellite constellation is a perfect platform for TV and radio distribution in the Middle East and Central Eastern Europe, where most cable head-end have antennas pointed at our 4°W orbital “hot spot.”

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