About the AMOS-4 Satellite

Successfully launched in 2013, Spacecom’s AMOS-4 satellite established a new orbital position at 65°E, providing a full range of satellite services for Russia and Asia.

AMOS-4’s multiple Ku and Ka transponders create a powerful platform, enabling a wide range of cross-band, cross-beam connectivity options.

For our customers, this means extensive broadcast and broadband reach into the vast urban and rural areas of these regions. Available satellite services for customers include Direct-To-Home (DTH), video distribution, VSAT communications and broadband Internet.

With its new orbital slot, additional capacity, expanded coverage areas and cross-region connectivity, AMOS-4 positions Spacecom at the forefront of global satellite operators delivering comprehensive satellite solutions.


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Case Studies

yes. The Israeli DTH Operator

yes is a pioneer in reshaping the entertainment and leisure experience in Israel. yes was launched in 2000, in a saturated market